So you've decided to have a web site or breathe life into the old clunker that no-one ever visits because it's so old, so hard to find and once you get there it is difficult to navigate/find your way around. Well the team here at Lonsdale Media are here to help.

We start by asking you what you want to do with your web site. We also ask you about your business, to gain an understanding on what you actually do and more.   After we have done this, we move to asking you what you like in the way of existing web sites,   if you happen to know of any.  Then we show you some of our previously built web sites from our Portfolio.

When we first speak to you on the phone, we'll ask you to browse our Portfolio of Web Sites online before you attend your interview, so you may start thinking about what you would like.

Then we discuss the content (remember that's photos and text), and the number of pages you need.  From this information gathering session, we go away and produce a fixed quote, so you know how much you're paying and how long the project is expected to take.

Too Easy!

Naturally, if things change over the project and you decide you need more, then we discuss it.  Again, easy!

Please see our Construction Page for more information