Website Hosting

Website Hosting CrosswordOnce you've chosen your domain name to represent your business, Lonsdale Media will register it, and begin the next step, which is the hosting of your web site. Simply put, hosting is the place where your web site will live which will be like an assigned parking space on a special computer (known as a "server").   We point your domain name to this server, and away we go. Should you already have a domain name registered, no problem, we just ask you for the details and point it to our servers ourselves. This is known as delegation.

E-mail Addresses

With all web sites and Hosting plans that Lonsdale Media sells, there comes an e-mail address, like your web address, (in fact many e-mail addresses if you need them).   This means you don't have to advertise your ISP or some large Telco whenever you send an e-mail.   If your web site address was: then your e-mail address might be or even  You have just put your business/company name or product name out there to the world without even thinking about it. This is a great marketing tool which could mean more business for you.  Cool!

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