For Lonsdale Domain clients, you can renew your domain name using your credit card, please visit: Lonsdale Domains Page, It’s quick and easy. You will need your Lonsdale Domain username and password. Contact Elise Lonsdale if you need help

Hosting and domain names are two distinct services. Before you can host your web site you first need to have a domain name - for example or This can be challenging for some people who want their products to be their domain name - particularly if they are based on a normal word or phrase. In this case, it is possible that the name you want will have already been taken by someone else. If this happens, you keep trying until you find a name that is available and suits your needs or you simply may have to consider using your business/company name instead.   The latter are generally available with "" domain names as Australia has a policy not to sell these domain names unless you can prove a link to your business.  With .com domains,  it is open season and you can buy whatever is available.   If you are a worldwide business, a ".com" domain may be more appropriate for your business.  We are happy to help with any questions you have.

For all you Do-it-Yourself-ers' (DIY'ers) out there, you might like to check your domain name by using the link below and continue through to our Domain Name Registration Pages.