Ten to fifteen years ago, the last thing on anyone's mind starting a new business was getting a web presence. Many people starting out in business didn't know what the World Wide Web was, let alone want to be on it. E-mail was something strange that someone in the family may have said they did over some obscure conversation during a family dinner. If you had anyone around the dinner table going to university they could tell you how clever they were (and they did!), because they were on this thing called the Internet.  Now it's your turn.  While there are things to be aware of, the Internet is not a scary place.   In fact it's a rather rewarding place for those who are on it.  The age range of people now looking at the Internet can be from five to ninety five years of age and probably more.  Depending on your business and to whom you pitch your marketing, this will bring visitors to your site and if your site is a good one, people will stay and read your message.

Many people come to Lonsdale Media saying, "I'm just starting out".   Someone has told them that they need a web site - even before they have their business cards printed.  Only five years ago, this was the other way round.  So whether you are a new or existing business or organisation,   it simply doesn't matter.  These days you are expected to have a web site and an e-mail address.

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