What sets Lonsdale Media apart is the ability to communicate with our clients, build long term relationships and simply be there for you!

The thing that really sets us apart from the pack is the ability to create web sites, which are accessible by everyone, even for those people who can't drive a mouse.

Elise Lonsdale is an adaptive technologist, specialising in the areas of low vision and the adaptive technology used by people with a Vision mpairment to access the World Wide Web. Elise is also a SEO specialist who knows how important to clients that web sites are Easley found by search engines and how the relationship between SEO and Web Accessibility for people with a disability works.

Elise Lonsdale believes that by making a web site Search Engine Friendly, a developer is also improving it's accessibility for people with special needs.

Not only does Accessibility help those with special needs, the knock on affect is Usability for everyone.   How often have you heard people say, "That was a nice site to look at, but it was hard to navigate"? Well when considering accessibility, you're also considering Useability too.

Many people spend huge amounts of money making their web sites fantastic to look at, while excluding vast sections of the community. Why not spend less and make your web site accessible for all while still keeping it looking nice

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