Teamwork in the office Lonsdale Media has been working in website development for over a decade. We offer web development services for people and businesses who need large content managed websites, where they can change their own content. We assist people requiring smaller static websites too. Although we operate from Australia we have clients and associates from around the world.

In 2016, you can’t have a conversation about website development without discussing the benefits of social media. Talk to Elise about how Lonsdale Media can help you get established with your very own Facebook Business page and how social media can help you. Come and like our Lonsdale Media Facebook Business Page.

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What Sets Lonsdale Media Apart?

What sets us apart is the ability to build long term relationships with you, our valued clients. We will never build you a website and tell you “See you later”. Our point of difference is that we will train you on how to manage the content on your site if you have a content managed website or always be there for you if you need us to add content to a static one.

Although we bring our projects to a speedy conclusion thus allowing you to have your work completed in a timely and professional manner, we’re always happy to continue the relationship with you as repeat business. So, come say G-day and we’ll never say goodbye.

Writing for the Web

Our new document consultation services, managed by Kylee Maloney are there to give you the best when it comes to writing for the web. We take charge of the whole project, Hosting, Layout, and Graphics. Now with Kylee’s expertise, the written words that appear on your website will reflect who you are, while being written in a way that’s most appropriate for the web. Kylee will work with you to ensure what’s said on your website is what you want to say. Writing for the web is a specialised field and Kylee will guide you through it in a very friendly and professional manner.

Whether you’re an international road safety expert, a boutique B&B or a Skip Bin Operator, you can rely on Lonsdale Media to give you an inclusive website which meets your needs. Read More about Elise Lonsdale

PayPal Payments

Now you can pay Lonsdale Media monthly / annual hosting invoices, invoices for updates and even main projects using PayPal. Use your credit card bank account or your own PayPal funds to make payments quickly and easily.  PayPal it's fast free and secure


Lonsdale Media is once again a member of the BarterCard network, which is the world's largest trade exchange. For enquiries about work using the BarterCard network, please contact Elise Lonsdale on the details below.

General Support

Lonsdale Media offers telephone support for any client hosting a website with us for the life of that website. Support hours are now, 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday

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